Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH)?

A. The BCNH is a nonprofit organization, founded by Bhutanese refugees resettled in the state of New Hampshire to support the needy and newly arrived Bhutanese in their process of meaningful integration into the new community through various programs and projects.
Q. Who are Bhutanese refugees and how do they arrive here?

A. Bhutanese refugees are the true citizens of Bhutan who were made refugees by the Royal Government of Bhutan in late 1980s who happened to live the most pathetic refugee life in Nepal for over 18 years. When their hope of returning home remained hope against hope, they accepted the third country resettlement offer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and came here legally through the resettlement program of the USA. They were thoroughly screened and processed before they come to America under the sponsorship of the US State Department.
Q. What is the difference between the people from Nepal and the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese?

A. The people from Nepal and the Nepali-speaking people from Bhutan share their same language, tradition, culture and festivals. The only major difference between the people from these two countries is their nationalities. The ancestors of Nepali-speaking people from Bhutan, who are known as Lhotshampas, were officially invited in 1624 AD to settle in the southern parts of the country from Nepal with a promise of granting them equal rights and privileges as any other citizens in the country by the then theocratic Buddhist ruler, Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel, who unified Bhutan as a nation state and remained in power until 1907, when the present Wangchuck dynasty came into power.
Q. What services does the BCNH provide for Bhutanese refugees?

A. The BCNH provides Nepali language education to school going students through Nepali Learning Project, English language and civic education to adults who have limited English skills through English Language & Civic Education Project, cultural and community education and orientation, daily case management on need basis to the needy people, employment services and other necessary support through volunteers.

Q. How can I volunteer with the BCNH?

A. You can contact our office for volunteer opportunities available at the BCNH and one of our staff would assist you in the application process followed by an appointment for the interview. After the interview, depending upon your need and the need in the community, we would offer the volunteer opportunity.

Q. Do I have to go through the criminal background check if I am interested to volunteer with the BCNH?

A. The BCNH is a legal, nonprofit community based organization registered in the state of New Hampshire and it is abide by the state and federal laws. Therefore, it is mandatory for every volunteer to go through the criminal background check if s/he is interested to volunteer with the BCNH.
Q. What types of volunteer opportunities are available at the BCNH?

A. There are different ways and avenues to volunteer with the BCNH. They include mentoring English language to those who have limited English skills, providing rides to those who do not have means of transportation to their work place, grocery shopping, religious places, etc. You can also mentor children on how to excel in their studies in their schools and colleges. You can also help the BCNH by donating goods and services and even organizing fund raising events to carry out various projects in the community.
Q. Do I have to have a valid driver’s license to be a volunteer at the BCNH?

A. If your volunteer assignment involves driving then you are required to have a valid driver’s license with the proof of auto insurance. Additionally, you are also required to consent to a motor vehicle driving record check.

Q. How can I make a monetary donation to the BCNH?

A. You can make your checks or money orders payable to Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) and mail them to:
Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH)
510 Chestnut Street
Manchester NH 03101

If you would like to make your donation through credit card payment via phone, please give us your name, address, credit card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card and the donation amount. For further direction, please give us a call at: (603) – 232-1829

Q. Will I receive a receipt for the gift I am donating and is my gift tax-deductible?

A. Yes, we will mail you your receipt as soon as we process your gift in your mailing address. All your gifts are tax-deductible as permitted by laws of the land.

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